At Stress Less Moves we have a range of services to help assist you in your move.


We have the facilities to move you locally, interstate and country-wide.



Stress Less Moves provides a weekly run to Victoria’s capital, with the option of single items or a full load.


If you require help packing we offer both pre-packing and unpacking services.


Stress Less Moves have the capacity to assist with company relocation as well as residential


We have a storage facility in Epsom where we can provide short and long term storage which is safe and secure.


We can provide you with packing materials such as cartons. tape and wrapping paper.

Furniture Removal Insurance 

Our experienced and trained staff take great care to prevent any loss or damage yet we do advise clients to also take out the appropriate insurance cover for any unavoidable loss or damage.

As the owner of the property, you are the only person entitled to take out insurance to cover for damage or loss. By law, removalists are unable to insure individual items unless they are a registered Insurance Broker.

Stress Less Moves has insurance which covers a major event that may occur en route such as fire, collision, flood and vehicle overturn.

Moving House Insurance Bendigo

Moving House Insurance

We take every step possible to avoid any damage to your goods or household items and are insured for any major event that could occur en-route such as fire, flood, collision and vehicle overturn.

The property owner is the only person entitled to take out insurance cover for damage or loss. Legally, removalists are unable to insure individual items unless they are a registered Insurance Broker.

Talk to us to discuss registered insurance brokers to cover your next home relocation.

Furniture Removal Services

Stress Less Moves has a wide range of furniture removal services which will enable you to have a safe and efficient move with minimum fuss.

We can undertake pre-packing and unpacking, household furniture removal, and move larger items such as pianos . Any size job can be tackled and we will move you locally & interstate.

As packing can be one of the most challenge aspects of a move, here at Stress Less Moves we will do pre-packing and unpacking of your furniture and household items saving you precious time for other aspects of your move.

Furniture Removals Bendigo
Moving Boxes Bendigo

Pre-packing and unpacking

We offer pre-packing and un-packing services, where we handle all of your valuable items – from breakable to every day items – at either end of the moving process.

Usually commenced a day or two before the move, we can supply T-chest cartons, book and wine cartons, porta-robes and picture packs.

Please note we do not pack keys, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and important documents.


Stress Less Moves does regular moves to Queensland and New South Wales, as well as servicing all of Australia, occasionally

providing the opportunity for backloading. Check this page for all current interstate moves, or contact us via phone or email.